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Design Standards : AWWA C-504, BS : 5155, API 609, IS : 13095

Size Range 2 inch to 80 inches ( 50mm to 2000mm)
Rating PN 6, PN 10, PN 16 ANSI Class 150/ 300
Valve Construction Single Off-set, Double Off-set, Tripple Off-set
Rubber lined ( Replaceable & Moulded type )
Split Body ( Two Piece Design ) with replaceable PTFE Liner
Disc Type Slim Seal, Concentric, Eccentric
Ends Connections Flanged: Raised Face, Plain Faced, Wafer
Operation Hydraulic, Electrical, Pneumatic, Manual Operated ( Gear & Lever ).
Seating Natural and Synthetic Rubber, PTFE
Body Material - Cast Iron
- Ductile Iron
- Carbon Steel
- Stainless Steel: CF8, CF8M, WC6, WC9
- Aluminium Bronze

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